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Albion Online "Soft" PvE Death!

"Soft" PvE Death: We noticed that new players - without a guild to back them up - give up very easily due to losing all of their gear inside of a safe zone. Therefore, we will introduce mobs that if they bring you to 0 HP will not kill you, but just knock you down. After a certain amount of time, you will be able to get up again without your gear dropping to the ground. Your gear will still take a durability hit, but it won't be as hard as if you are killed. Those "softcore" mobs will mostly be inside of safe zones, so we might also have softcore mobs in PvP zones or "hardcore" mobs in PvE zones. We want to keep a flexible mindset here.


Albion Online "Soft" PvE Death!


For me this is a little too much. :( It just takes away the fun in green zones and reading that there could be "softcore" mobs in the other zones too its just bad. Now you have to look for softcore and hardcore mob titles to be sure you dont take the risk and die by a mistake. Also you dont get the expierience like before, where you saw someone nearly dieing, while waiting for his gear to drop. Im not the bad guy, so sometimes i waited at his dead body, safed his gear for him and wrote him a message in the chat to get his stuff back. ;) Things like that can create friendships and even more.
Also if you see someone fight against a mob in the yellow or red zone, you wont know for sure that he gets killed by that mob. It could have been a softcore mob so he gets up again.

I hope you can see my problem with this change. Just remember the survival zombie games like DayZ, WarZ, H1Z1 etc, they gets lot of hype and most people love these games because you gather your stuff and expierience funny situations where you might lose your whole equipment. But they still start all over again and have even more fun getting most of it back by gathering with friends.
They even spawn randomly in the world so they cant find their dead body or items.

Please overlook this change and find a compromise or even change it back to the old system with the difference, that you can still spawn in the same zone or a location near the zone.

If people can handle the hardcore "Full Loot" ( Start all over again ) in these survival zombie games, they surely can handle it in Albion Online. ^^


Comment:Albion Online "Soft" PvE Death!