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Albion Online Summer Alpha Changelog

Version 1.0.170 - REV 21030/ 26.09.2014

New Features
Furniture can now be repaired and salvaged in the repair shop

Graphics of 'Keeper' dungeons throughout the game have been improved

Fixed: A large number of reported bugs in levels were fixed (floating trees, holes etc.)
Fixed: Guild vs. Guild fights could get canceled if one of the guilds joins any alliance
Fixed: Some building areas close to the walls in the cities were blocked
Fixed: Territories in "Mage's Hold" can now be attacked from the castle
Fixed: Dungeons near Castles in Haunted Shore and Dreadcoast could only be entered by the owner of the castle
Fixed: A T6 item trophy was being shown as T5

Version 1.0.170 - REV 20892/ 23.09.2014

Added acceptance of Albion Online terms and conditions as a prerequisite to client start
Added legal note to key redemption process
Removed the enrage aility from castle lords, they can now be attacked by as many players as you want to bring.

Albion Online Summer Alpha Changelog

Fixed: The cost of refining a stack of resources was calculated incorrectly, resulting in too little money being given to the owner of a crafting building.
Fixed: Crafting buildings lost all gold, silver as well as the fee settings after being upgraded
Fixed: Damage increase from harvester trophy was way beyond intentions
Fixed: Mobs in high places in dungeons could not be targeted properly
Fixed: When creating a sell order, "lowest competing price" was showing the highest competing price
Fixed: Legendary founder gold was being added twice for some accounts
Fixed: Mounts were taking durability damage when you were hit by attacks, even if you were unmounted. This should only happen when you are mounted up now.
Fixed: Area name now displays correctly on the 'kill details' screen

Version 1.0.170 - REV 20809/ 22.09.2014

Halberds now cost marks of destruction, similar to other special weapons
Container weight display is now rounded to 2 digits

Fixed: Cluster names in marketplace notification mails were displayed incorrectly
Fixed a problem where the login bonus would not count correctly for some users- it should now start counting correctly for everyone
Fixed: Damage buffs from trophies were way too high due to an incorrect configuration. They have been tunded down.

Version 1.0.170 - REV 20783 / 20.09.2014

Stoneport, Freeport, Stoney Isle, Wildshore and Lost Shore have been unlocked

Bug Fixes
Fixed: Player city taxes weren't being paid out to guilds owning the cities
Fixed: Silver & gold in buildings wasn't being saved when the server shut down, resulting in it being lost after maintenance. Unfortunately this still affects THIS maintenance, but is fixed for future maintenance.

Version 1.0.169 - REV 20745 / 19.09.2014

New Features
Added ingame mail notifications when an item is bought or sold by an order you placed at a marketplace
Damage to buildings from crafting/repairing items reduced by 66%! Crafting/Repairing T2 items causes no damage to buildings anymore.
Loot bags dropped on the ground by players and NPCs now have a visible glitter effect

Bug Fixes
Fixed: "You can't use this item, because you don't have unlocked it."
Fixed: Removed T3 resource requirement from T4 leather armor
Fixed: Could not remove access rights from individuals after adding them by name despite sufficient permissions
Fixed: Suppliers could steal items from chests by swapping one item in the chest with an item from their inventory

Version 1.0.169 - REV 20709 / 18.09.2014

New Features
Added 'ESC' button closing all ui windows
Added system messages when the status of guild members changes (Player has come online, player has left the guild etc.)
Added a special border to building icons on the area map, if the building is under construction

Taunt range reduced from 25m to 10m radius around player
Increased furniture limit for player houses and guild halls significantly
New construction sites now start with very low durability and gain durability as more resources are added
Construction sites can now be attacked with any tier demolition hammer

Bug Fixes
Fixed accessibility status of buildings not displaying correctly, when access was being granted due to being a guild member
Fixed order-durations being ignored in the marketplace (was always set to two days)

Version 1.0.169 - REV 20639 / 17.09.2014

Several new safe zones close to King's Market and Queen's Market have been unlocked and can now be entered
Bug Fixes
Fixed: Paying for guild creation with gold was not possible
Fixed: Status of Real Estates on the area map was not updating correctly / displayed incorrectly
Fixed: Chat channel selector could get stuck in certain circumstances
Fixed: Area map zooming was way too sensitive on iOS and Android devices
Fixed: Owner name was not correctly displayed in access rights management for plots


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