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Albion Online Winter Alpha changelog & announcements.

Albion Online Winter Alpha changelog & announcements.

Increased Growth - During the first days of the test, the spawn rate low tier resources is significantly increased. It will be lowered to a normal level once the basic economic infrastructure is set up.
The King's Supplies - Some shipments of seeds, baby animals and prepared food are are available at royal prices from marketplaces during the first days of the test. This serves to kickstart the food economy and will cease when enough farmers have started food production.
Version 1.0.94 - REV 24736/ 26.01.2015 22:40 CET


Fixed server error causing founder's mails to get lost
Fixed server error causing statistics services & ranking server to fail
Fixed T1 shields and T2 helmets having an active spell slot when they shouldn't right now, causing the UI to behave incorrectly when crafting them.
Fixed passive load bonus on shoes having no icon and providing negative load bonus on low tiers.
Restarted to fix crashed maps ("Skullcoast")
Possibly fixed marketplaces getting stuck and not updating anymore
Version 1.0.94 - REV 24711/ 26.01.2015

New Features

Islands - Players can now acquire personal and guild islands at harbors around Albion. These provide personal building space at no upkeep cost, but have an overhead crafting fee when compared to guild territories or estates.
Farming, Cooking - Players have now access to a variety of farming buildings. Seeds can be planted on farms, baby animals raised in pastures or kennels. Farm products can be cooked into food, which can be consumed by players for health or used to provide buildings with food.
Party System - Players are now able to invite up to 20 players into their party. Party members will always be friendly to each other and share any fame and silver generated from mob kills in proximity.
Potions & Alchemy - Players are now able to craft potions at the new Alchemist building.
New Weapons, Rare Resources & Spells - There is a vast amount of new weapons and new spells in the game. Some of these will require rare resources. These rare resources will occasionally spawn instead of a regular resource of the same type.
Resource Territories - In addition to the standard guild territories, there are now farm, forest mine and treasure territories in the game. These will contain vast amounts of resources which are only accessible to the owning guild. These territories have only one defender point and no defender bonus.
Knockdown - Normal creatures will no longer kill the player, instead they will knock him out for some time, allowing him to get back up after a while. Items will still suffer some damage, but will not be trashed from knock out. Other players, Veteran and Elite creatures are still lethal and will kill!
Casting & Channeling - Some spells are now cast, causing them to be disruptible by damage whilst casting. Additionally, some spells are now channeled. Any damage suffered will cause channeled spell duration to shorten.
Alliance Info - It is now possible to view what guilds are members of an alliance when viewing the alliance info

World has been expanded and reworked
Dungeons have now been classified into solo, group and raid dungeons. This classification is visible on the world map.
Items no longer trash from normal durability loss, instead they become unuseable. Items may still break on death, however.
Buildings now consume food instead of suffering damage when used
Buildings will not operate when food supply is low
Guild territories now consume food instead of silver for upkeep
Guild territories now contain a personal bank per default. This bank is only accessible when the territory is claimed.
Items no longer require resources to be repaired. Instead repairing them takes a higher silver fee.
Items now yield some silver when salvaged
Tools no longer need to be equipped to be used. Instead, tools are auto equipped while gathering resources. This causes no cooldown on the equipment
Some mobs now patrol in dungeons
Many other features have been extended & improved

Fixed a large number of issues reported in previous alpha tests.
Known Issues

Founder's House not buildable & missing localization
Explorer's Ox provides insane armor and magic resist bonus


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