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Albion online explain and help you determine

The MMO market has changed to reflect their aging demographic while trying to pull in a younger crowd. Now any of us who have started long ago feel like the magic is gone, because the need to socialize has decreased significantly in our MMORPGs.
For the crowd who likes things quick and easy, who likes to treat their MMORPGs like single player games with the ability to socialize with their friends and meet others. Themeparks are perfect for you.


Albion online explain and help you determine

Albion Online is not a themepark, similar to Eve. The way you socialize and who you socialize with is more important than what you actually do in the game.
Now if you don't have experience with that type of play I know it can seem like a very awkward idea. What is the point of playing a game, if WHO you are is more important very fulfilling.
I bought Albion Online, because its gameplay while not overlly complex yet looks promising to me. As a working adult I can play at home, or I can play around on my tablet during lunch/work and socialize with the people I care about, and the actual issues that need to be addressed in our virtual fantasy.
The Short Version:
In sandboxes WHO you are is more important than WHAT you do. This is reflected in the PEOPLE you CHOOSE to TALK to. Albion Online is a very approachable medium to socialize and play with, while offering fantasy issues you are VESTED in.
This is the reason behind why I founded Albion Online, and reading this article may help you decide for yourself.
I have played MMOs for a long time, since EQ UO you name i've played it. This includes Darkfall and Eve, hell even Tibia for a few years.
than WHAT you do?
Learning something about yourself, or growing as a person, learning new things. These are very fulfilling traits, and these are the traits that open ended games like this really aim for. You could say that playing a game itself can teach you things, but you are more likely to retain/learn by socializing with others. You will also feel much more included and accomplished.
Think really hard about the last 5 MMOs you have likely played in the last two years. Didn't stay around long did you? Got bored of the end game content? Kind of hard to establish MEANINGFUL relationships with people, when there is a direct objective in a game. For example, killing the most bad ass raid boss, you can consider that the last boss for that patch.
Sandboxes are different, your enemy is whoever you make it. Your objective is for you to decide. While it is harder for some to make their own path, those who can break the current mold and realize the freedom they have will find this type of game
As I matured from a young teen with all the time in the world on my hands to an adult with ambition and a family to support, I've noticed my ability to really delve deep into a game has vanished.


Comment:Albion online explain and help you determine