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The Next Great Devilian War

Devilian’ve officially wrapped up on our third closed beta test and from the whole team Devilian wanted to thank all of you who participated, played, gave feedback, and reported bugs. Devilian’re reading the messages you sent in and they’re helping us immensely as Devilian gear up for our next closed beta. But before that Devilian wanted to share with you two new features coming to Devilian this Devilianekend.
Devilians, since Devilian first opened Alpha there has been one suggestion, one request, and one piece of feedback that has been asked for more than anything else. PVP in Non-Devilian form.
Our development partner Bluehole Ginno heard that feedback loud and clear and Devilian are happy to bring you the PVP game you wanted. Non-Devilian form PVP will be coming to Devilian starting this Devilianek. You’ll be able to enjoy it this Devilianekend November 19th – 23rd in Closed Beta Test 4 or starting this Deviliandnesday, November 18th if you’re in Alpha.

The Next Great Devilian War

You’ll be able to use your full set of abilities as you battle against your fellow Devilians in two all new battleground modes; 20 vs 20 and 3 vs 3 battles. It’s the gameplay modes you enjoyed in Devilian form, but now in your base class form with all the skills you’ve been using in the PVE game. It’s the full vision of PVP in Devilian that you’ve been asking for. You’ll need to master those skills for our other major addition.
Introducing Devilian War. An all new open world PVP based challenge that pits rival guilds against each other for control of infinite hunting grounds. You can join a PVP enabled channel from the channel selection in the top right corner of the screen. PVP enabled channels have a clashing sword icon and instantly teleport you into a version of the world where Devilian War is active.
Devilian War is about fighting tooth and claw against other Guilds for the control of the very world of Nala. In a PVP enabled channel, you battle for control of the entire region. Killing enemies in the Endless Hunting grounds earns you control points, with stronger enemies worth more points. These points must be turned into a Capture Master near the entrance to the hunting ground. If another player kills you while you have Control Points, they gain your Control Points and can turn them into increase their own guilds score.
The guild with the highest score at the end of the Devilianek will open up new rewards within the hunting ground they have conquered, and importantly, the guild name will be featured on the map as the Champion of that field and have access to new rewards for the entire Devilianek.
In addition to all these great new ways to PVP, Devilian’ve also added tons of new rewards and incentives to keep your PVP game going. Check out the vendors in Asperon for new PVP gear rewards. With these additions, Devilian’ve brought Devilian PVP to another level. If you’ve been waiting for an ARPG that does PVP right, Devilian is that game.
As Devilianll as bringing you changes, Ginno has been responding to the feedback from our Beta events and our Alpha community. With your help Devilian’ve found and resolved dozens of bugs since beginning our Beta testing and continue to work hard to implement the feedback you’ve given. The team is working on tDevilianaking the difficulty of the leveling process, making further adjustments to make stats across the board more meaningful, and implementing new options for controls.
Devilian have more fixes in the pipeline thanks to your diligent bug reporting, but just a heads up because of the development, localization, and testing process you often won’t see a fix for a few builds, so something you report in CBT3 may not be resolved for CBT4. If you’ve encountered anything during your beta test please post in the Devilian Beta Bug Report forums here.
If you haven’t stopped by Devilian lately, there’s a lot of new things worth checking out. You can now run all of the dungeons you like, as often as you like, as the previous dungeon stamina system is no longer in your way. Devilian’re also thrilled to Devilianlcome French and German beta testers to their own fully localized versions of Devilian as of this beta! Devilian’ve also added an Early Access pack and upped the goodies available in Founder’s Packs, all of the packs will get you into Early Access before Devilian launch this Year.


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