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Why Love About Devilian

Devilian is a game whose developers have clearly spent a lot of time analyzing the best features of other games and working to create a great mesh. Players are also left happy, as the developers listen to comments and suggestions – even during the beta – and have made changes as needed to help better facilitate what the community wants. With that, there are some great features that make Devilian a awesome experience (and just might get you addicted!).

Why Love About Devilian

A Smart Party System

Don’t want to play alone, either because you can’t tackle a task yourself or because you simply don’t want to? You don’t even have to use the chat system to find a party. As you’re out adventuring a “Party Recommendation” box pops up that allows you to automatically send party requests to other players in the same area that are of a similar level to you. There’s no need to keep asking players one by one or keep inviting over and over – toss one AoE invite and you’re good to go! For those that would rather solo, you can also just avoid this, continuing as you were.

Mob Groups Are Smallish

A common issue in a lot of games is that it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. In some games, this happens even at early levels, leading to the need to be careful where you move so you don’t accidentally pull to many. With Devilian, this isn’t an issue. Not only are mob groups fairly small (meaning they’re also easy enough to tackle solo – it’s not uncommon to see players taking on multiple groups at once, for example), but their low chasing range means if you ever need to leave a battle for some reason, all you need to do is run away. It’s quick, easy, and painless, leading to a game where you can focus more on enjoying the story and progression and worry less about continually watching to make sure you only pull one enemy instead of two, or keep up with all of the pathing enemies.

Creating a Mash-Up

From the moment you log into Devilian, it’s clear that it’s different from most games. Some of these ideas and principles come from other games (both MMO and non-MMO), but simply put, this setup gives a great feel to the game. Being able to jump in and out as desired and still feel like you accomplished something is a great feeling. Being able to automatically run while you do something else takes some stress off. And being easy to pick up on cuts down on the learning curve significantly.

Easy to Learn

Games that are quick and easy to pick up on are a joy for most players – especially those that are more casual. Devilian definitely fits in this category, in that it takes a matter of minutes to fully understand pathing, exploring, battling, and questing. Through a fairly quick tutorial that teaches the basics and a very intuitive UI and control system, the learning curve is very, very shallow. If you’re already familiar with MMORPGs, it’s even faster to pick up on, as it replicates the movement and controls of a lot of other games, like Dungeon Siege and the like.

Fast Quests

In a 5-minute period, you can easily blast through 10 quests. They are fairly quick to complete, usually just requiring a run to where a NPC or mob is and looting, killing, or speaking to it, depending on which it is. With this done, you quickly pick up the next quest and continue on your journey!

The questing system is also pretty linear, leading to less confusion when exploring. By simply doing the main mission, you will run by tons of other NPCs that have quests – and most of them are the same ones needed for the main mission, making it that much easier to pick them up. So whether you have a few minutes to play or hours, you can always jump in-game and start working on progression, knowing that you’re going to be able to get something accomplished. And maybe even more than you expected!

Easy Moving from Place to Place

There is a decent amount of running within Devilian, whether it’s to get to an objective for a quest or getting back to where you just came from. In many games, this becomes an annoyance. After all, running back and forth all day just isn’t that much fun. But with Devilian’s Autorun system, you don’t have to do any running at all – just click the Autorun button and let your character smartly and automatically make its way to the destination. To make things even better, this shows the current path on the mini-map, so you can even watch the path that’s going to be taken.

It is worth noting that the Autorun system does not avoid aggressive mobs. You can easily end up with large trains on you while making your way from one point to another. Luckily, they generally have a pretty short chasing range, so you can just keep making your way and deal with whatever follows you all the way to the destination. As an alternative, you can also stop to fight occasionally (for experience) and just keep using the Autorun again after. The choice is yours!


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