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Dungeon Fighter Online News & Guides

Last News And Hot Guides About Dungeon Fighter Online
  • What is a DFO Weapon Master?
    What is a DFO Weapon Master? [04/20/2015]

    Weapon Master (named Blade Master in the English version) is a slayer who refuses to submit to the Kazan Syndrome by further strengthening the seal in his arm so that it will not interfere with his drive to master swordsmanship and techniques without relying on demonic powers

  • DFO Elven Knight Guide
    DFO Elven Knight Guide [04/16/2015]

    Welcome to the 1st ever Elven Knight guide. Made by Yoowy and a huge help Azaius / Zepi. I think the Elven Knight as a class is excellent its Neople's 1st attempt at making a viable tank class rather than the same old nuke rooms class

  • Dungeon Fighter Online CONTROLS
    Dungeon Fighter Online CONTROLS [04/14/2015]

    Dungeon Fighter Online CONTROLS Will Help New Player To Payer Dfo Game!

  • DFO OBT Part 2 has started!
    DFO OBT Part 2 has started! [04/14/2015]

    As Knight is introduced, for 2 weeks from today(~Apr 28, 08:00 UTC), we've decided to provide a bonus item, Fatigue Recovery Potion (156, 3 days) only to newly created characters.

  • 3 Ten-years-old MMO Games You Might Be Missing Out
    3 Ten-years-old MMO Games You Might Be Missing Out [04/13/2015]

    In the past ten years, there are too many transitory online games. And those games which have existed for ten years have all been witnessed by time. Each of them has the high gameplay quality and large fan bases

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