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DFO Elven Knight Guide

Welcome to the 1st ever DFO Elven Knight guide. Made by Yoowy and a huge help Azaius / Zepi. I think the Elven Knight as a class is excellent its Neople's 1st attempt at making a viable tank class rather than the same old nuke rooms class. Elven Knight has a lot of skills on paper but don’t let that scare you. Here will be a guide to read up on ! AND GET HYPED. Please note this is strictly semi opinion based you can play how you want but I suggest following this guide up to you tho. İmage
NOTE: All videos shown have the HD option if u want a better quality might have to change to it.

DFO Elven Knight Guide

About Elven Knight
Is a Plate armor wielding son of a gun who takes names and chews bubblegum and looks cute while doing it. She wields Zanbatos as her weapon 1st of the currently 2 sub-classes that is out. This is the 1st attempt at a tankish class in Dnf but while that may put off some people she still builds like a damage hungry class! A lot of skills you see would remind you of other classes as well. Did I mention she has Chain Rush and tons of utility.

About me
Think of this as a early guide that will be ever changing as I don’t know that many Elven Knights. TREADING A BRAND NEW WORLD.

Damage type
Elven Knight is a mainly percent class with a few fixed scaling on some percent skills.

Wears plate
Super Armor / Hit rate / Defense buffs / Debuffs
Pretty solid damage for a "tank" class
Party support / Utility
Metric ass ton of skills
Chain Rush will destory yo weapon durablity
Chain Rush will take getting used to
Table of Contents
Common Skills
Elven Knight Subclass Skills
TP Skills
Avatars and Videos
Chronicle Equipment

[spoiler=Commonly used terms in this guide]
OTG- on the ground

SA- Super armor
ungrabbable- enemy that cant be held unless super hold
debuffs- adds negative effects on enemy
MP- mana pool
status effect blind- enemy goes blind loseing hit rate
phy crit- physical crit rate
hit recovery- the rate to get out hit stun early
armor break- reduces enemy defence
knight- referring to the sub class
utility- a skill that doesnt have much use maxed but has uses in certain situations
status effect bind- "bind" disables movement of enemy for a set time
multi-stage hits- a attack that has a multiple number of hits[spoiler]

- Each subclass has quests to unlock new shields to equip.
- Acquired shields are stored in their own menu which can be accessed from inventory screen.
- Shields can be registered in their own quick swap menu to be switched during combat using the Change Shield skill

Common shared Knight skills

İmageShield Upper
Uppercut for Knights. Level 1

İmageSand Kick
Kicks sand in front to blind enemies, reduce their movement speed, and increase your own evasion. Pretty good skill, preference to max.

İmageShield Stark
A two-hit chain with the shield that stuns enemies for 1 second. Has a very low cool-down. Would not use this as a filler for Chain rush since Shield block is more reliable to keep the Chain going.

İmagePerfect Guard
Automatically guards enemy attacks like weapon master's auto guard. However, it only blocks one hit in a multi-hit combo but reduces the damage of that hit by 95%. Has a 15 second cooldown on the trigger, it can save you from huge blows, especially in true ancients and OV. Personal preference to max

İmageWheel of Fate
The Knight's basic grab. It sucks in enemies then throws them up in the air and traps them in a cog for a short time. A good grab, but leave at rank 1.

The knight jumps up to a airborne enemy and spikes them downward like a volleyball, creating a shock-wave upon enemy hitting the floor. Useless.

The knight leaps at the nearest enemy, landing on top of them with a downward sword thrust. The skill does extra damage if the enemy is airborne or knocked down. This skill does pretty good damage and can be chain rushed out of the long finisher animation. Preference to max

İmageShield Block
Works like slayer's guard, can block a attack and counterattack upon successful defense. Thanks to a friend you can use shield block rather good for Chain Rush since CD is insanely low Cast Shield Block> Chain Rush > Repeat if wanted etc. Level 1

İmageDefense Stance
Allows the Knight to move forward and leap forward while using Shield Block. Leap input is double-tap a direction key. Only as useful as Shield Block is. useless

The knight slashes downward and temporarily breaks the enemies armor and weapon. Can be charged to fire a ranged attack.

Reduces defense and attack power of enemies by 20% at a 100% chance when maxed
It lasts ~2 seconds uncharged, ~6 seconds charged (max this so hard) BIG THANKS TO Bellatrix

In retrospect charging the skill would be better but its more favorable for a melee blow.

İmageLethal Stab
A forward thrust attack that can be charged for additional damage. Low damage. Useless unless you chron set / TP then it becomes quiet good

General skills

İmage Physical crit
Increases Phy Crit by 1% per rank Any level wanted

İmage Quick rebound
Knight performs a quick recovery upon getting knocked down hold down key to stay in quick rebound for a longer time has invincible frames. Great for avoiding some combo heavy OTG and gimmicks in OV. MAX

Elven Knight subclass skills

İmage War cry
A simple buff, increases damage and hit rate. 10% damage and 20% hit rate at rank 20. Max

İmage Rose Armor
A buff that increases hit recovery and surrounds the Knight with roses. When hit, a thorn fires back at the enemy and expends a charge. Very good damage, goes hand-in hand with super armor buff. Even if you use a tanking play-style, the amount of SP used in this skill is better used somewhere else for damage. Preference

İmage Ancient Boar
The Knight charges forward, pushing enemies with her and stunning them. Solid damage. Preference to max

İmage Unwavering faith
Increases the Knight's attack damage by 1 for every 150 physical defense. Increasing the rank increases the limit of how much attack damage the passive gives by 50. While in practice this is a really good skill BUT In order to reach max potential of this skill you will have to upgrade yo armor which in most cases wont be realistic for since it require armor +12 above. MEANING scale the leveling with how much defense you currently have. Level with accordance to yo physical defense

İmage Guardian Mount
Ride a unicorn, swapping the hot-key skills. Damage is okay, I wouldn't recommend using it since Dimension Molt doesn't proc when pony is on cooldown. 0 or max

İmage Dimension Molt
When the Knight dies, a unicorn appears to resurrect her. The guardian stays on map for a set duration. Maxed automatically

İmage Sentence The Knight throws out shield to inflict damage and it bounces up to 3 times. Enemies hit are given a debuff with a set number of charges that deals damage each time they're hit. Party members can detonate the debuff. Skill takes getting used to as the hit-box is awful (preference)

İmage Great Volition Nullify any status effects on the user level it up to increase the aliment removal level. (0 or Max) Very useful for endgame dungeons

İmage Ancient deer Summons a stag that throws enemies up in the air with a multi-hit attack. Decent damage good for SP dump. (Preference)

İmage Nature's Protection Grants super armor and reduces damage taken by 50%. Disappears after certain amount of hits or until duration runs out. (max)

İmage Overpower The Knight creates a shock-wave around her reducing enemy armor (armor break). Shock-wave distance increases with rank, core skill. (Max)

İmage Elvish Jump The Knight leaps forward, stabbing the first enemy hit. Hold skill key to increase distance traveled, max leap range is roughly full screen. Good damage, but not a great use of SP. (1 or Max)

İmage Verdure Blade Quick stab in front creating a shock-wave behind the target. Excellent damage, big AoE, extremely fast. (Max)

İmage İmage İmage İmage İmage Chain rush This is the bread and butter of a Elven Knight if you don't like it as a skill then this class isn't for you. Every skill minus buffs can be canceled at any point in its animation for a immediate follow up attack with the shield. Upon successful chain rush hit, you can cancel into any attack and a chain bonus starts. In order to keep the chain going, the chain rush attack must be pressed when the line matches the blue bar. After each successful chain, the next canceled skill does additional damage and the timing window to keep the chain going is reduced. The bonus stacks up to 5x but becomes very difficult to keep up. (Max2Max) While it is entirely possible to play this class without Chain Rush i wouldn't recommend it

İmageİmage Impregnable Defense – The Knight holds up her shield and creates a barrier between her and her party. It deals damage to anything hit by the barrier, pushing them away, and intercepts frontal attacks leaving party members who stand behind the Knight safe from damage. The key must be held down but she can move forward and slightly up or down. Extremely useful skill blocks damage and lowers it by ALOT doesnt protect from instant kills or 999k damage (1 utility) great for OV

İmage İmage Vanguard Slash – The Knight cleaves forward in a wide arc. When it connects, it suspends enemies in the air then cuts them again after a slight duration. Against super armored or ungrabbable targets, it does damage but doesn't hold them. Good damage, SP dump if low on spare points. (1 or Max)

İmageİmage Nature's Shackles – This is a ghetto version of f brawlers net and is far worse. Bunch's enemies towards Knight. Leaves plants on the ground that Bind/damage when stepped on. Not worth maxing. (1 utility or 0)

İmage İmage (Lunge) Lunge Revolution - Rotating drill that pierces the heavens. Sucks enemies in with multi stage hits more enemies sucked in more damage. Awesome cube skill preference to max.

İmageİmage (Knight) SMASH! - A chain type skill with 2 key presses to get all the damage. TP skill eliminates the need to press it more than once. Huge damage, max this.

İmage Nature's Blessing Awaken Passive – This is a buff that starts automatically at dungeon start, all party members are blessed for a certain duration with half the benefits the Knight gets. Increases attack power, move speed , attack speed, and all ele resistance. Activates again upon rezzing. Not worth maxing until lv85 when it lasts 2 minutes, and even then it's only useful in OV and True Ancients.

İmageİmage Pegasus Flash Awaken Active - Sword wave knocks enemies back then the Knight mounts the flying horse to crash into the floor big aoe. Distance can be changed with arrow keys, Rank 6 bonus restores the elvens HP and MP by a large percent. (Maxed automatically)

İmage Harbinger of Life (60 ex) - Frontal jump with big aoe can change landing distance by useing arrow keys. Increases Elven's damage for a short duration. (preference to max)
decrease cooldown for all skills by 10% when fully charged. thanks to dainasor

İmageİmage Reliable Breakthrough (70 ex) - Dash forward doing damage and protection around the Knight. The shield is awesome works like saders bubble but BETTER blocks magic damage/physical damage. (max)

Common Knight TP skills

İmage Shield Upper- attack power increase 8% (per rank)

İmage Lion Kick- attack power increase 8% , dust size increase 5% (per rank)

İmage Shield Stark- attack power increase 8% , stun level increase 1 level per (per rank)

İmage Lethal Stab-attack power increase 8%, max charge duration reduction 5% (per rank)

İmage Wheel of Fate- attack power increase 8% (per rank)

İmage FINISH! - attack power up 8% , downward strike power 3% (per rank)

İmage Disarm - attack power up 8%, max charge time reduced 4% (per rank)

Elven Knight TP skills

İmage Pony Mount- HP increase 10% , duration increase 10% ( max if u love bronies otherwise leave at 0) (per rank)

İmage Rose Armor - bleed chance added to thorn damage, duration increase 10% , hit recovery increase 10% , cd reduction 10% (per rank)

İmage War Cry - enemy attack power and hit rate around you reduced, attack power reduction 3% , hit rate reduction 4% (preference) (per rank)

İmage Ancient Boar- attack power up 10% , stun level up 1 (per rank)

İmage Ancient Deer- attack power up 10% , multi hit increase 1 hit, size increase 15% (useless) (per rank)

İmage Sentence - attack up 10% , duration 10% (per rank)

İmage Overpower - allows use in air , attack up 10% (per rank)

İmage Natures Protection- number of charges increase by 2, attack power reduced by 10% (per rank)

İmage Elvish Jump- allows use in air, attack power up in sky? attack power up 10% (per rank)

İmage Verdure Blade- attack up 10% (per rank)

İmage Chain Rush- attack power up 10% , duration up 10%, gauge retention increase 5% (preference) (per rank)

İmage Impregnable Defense - can move backward, attack up 10% (useless) (per rank)

İmage Natures Shackles- attack up 10% (useless) (per rank)

İmage Vanguard Slash - feature added to increase attack on grab immune dudes, attack power 10%, grab immune power 10% (preference) (per rank)

İmage Lunge Lunge Revolution- attack power up 10% , enemy suction power rate 3% (per rank)

İmage Smash! - automatically attack, attack up 10% ( 1 or max) (per rank)

Da bes avatar options
hat/hair. Spirit

face/torso. aspd
shoes. str/mspd
top. war cry!
bottom. Physical defence/HP/MP
waist. evasion
skin. Physical reduction

What builds Dnf doesnt have those lol but srs idk where i would find a skill planner for Knight. Pray to based neople for free resets.


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