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What is a DFO Weapon Master?

Weapon Master (named Blade Master in the English version) is a slayer who refuses to submit to the Kazan Syndrome by further strengthening the seal in his arm so that it will not interfere with his drive to master swordsmanship and techniques without relying on demonic powers. A bunch of people requested I make a WM guide so I'll give it a shot. I've been playing DFO since Nexon's open beta with lv40 cap, played Arad Senki for about 2 years, and played KDNF for 2 years as well. I've been playing Weapon Master for roughly 3 years, so I know a thing or two about the class. This guide will hopefully help new and old players alike learn how to play the class as well as help old players stay up to date with the changes this class received during DFO's shut-down period.

What is a DFO Weapon Master?

Weapon Master is a close to mid-range combo-centric melee class. As the name suggests, he is a master of weapons and can utilize all 5 slayer weapon types with maximum efficiency. He has the unique ability to learn all 5 weapon mastery for the price of only 1, and using skills will add different additional effects based on the weapon type you use, making Weapon Masters a very interesting and versatile class to play. Also unlike every other classes in the game, Weapon Master can swap weapons with only half the cooldown inside dungeons. The overall idea and the goal is to have a weapon for every situation and swap as needed.


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