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EverQuest Next News & Guides

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  • 10 MMOs to Watch in 2015
    10 MMOs to Watch in 2015 [12/23/2014]

    Enter 2015. This upcoming year will see the fruit of those labors as we've already begun to see this year with successully crowdfunded single-player games like Wasteland 2 and The Banner Saga.

  • Rivals' Features for EverQuest Next, Part 1
    Rivals' Features for EverQuest Next, Part 1 [12/05/2014]

    EverQuest’ll be taking a bit of a detour today from our regularly scheduled updates of Landmark to discuss the future of Everquest Next.

  • Question For EverQuest Next
    Question For EverQuest Next [12/03/2014]

    The request by Gordion for a separate section for landmark specific forum discussions seems like an easy to do, really good idea as the forums grow.

  • Why Download EverQuest Next(App)
    Why Download EverQuest Next(App) [12/01/2014]

    Why should you download EverQuest Worlds, the mobile app for EverQuest, EverQuest II, Landmark, and EverQuest Next?

  • The religions of Norrath in EverQuest Next
    The religions of Norrath in EverQuest Next [11/14/2014]

    The story team has had a lot of fun bringing you these inside looks, which are as much about our goals and philosophy as they are about the gods themselves

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