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The religions of Norrath in EverQuest Next

We hope you’ve enjoyed our series on the religions of Norrath in EverQuest Next. In case you’ve missed any of the previous posts, be sure to check out our introduction, as well as articles on Veeshan and the Nor’I, the Seraphs, and the Four. The story team has had a lot of fun bringing you these inside looks, which are as much about our goals and philosophy as they are about the gods themselves.

To conclude the series, we wanted to address a few of the questions that have come up in the community.

What Makes the Gods Real?

It’s been fun to watch speculation about the origins of the gods and what lies behind their power. We’ve explained that belief is a tangible resource in EQN, something that many organizations and individuals in the world will want to control. But belief is about more than that.

It can be argued that belief is what makes a god real. Sure, ancient beings like Veeshan and Solusek may be tangible entities with amazing powers, but what makes them meaningful in the lives of Norrathians is the fact that people in the world believe in them and fight for (or against) their influence.

Belief is a powerful force. It feeds organizations like the Devoted, helping them grow into potent political and economic entities. But belief can also help smaller groups rise up, to cause the fortunes of a forgotten or banished god to spread once more. It might even be used to revive the worship of gods long thought dead, and in so doing restore their influence to Norrath.

The gods are part of the Life of Consequence, a fundamental pillar of EQNext. The choices your character makes will have lasting repercussions in the world, and one of those choices is where you invest your belief.

Thanks for reading! If you haven’t jumped into the discussion on the lore forum yet, please join us. Having an open dialogue with passionate fans is tremendously valuable as we craft the ongoing story of EverQuest Next.

The religions of Norrath in EverQuest Next

Are There Other Gods?

One of the first questions we received when this series began was about gods from EQ and EQ2 that haven’t been mentioned yet. As longtime EQ fans ourselves, many of us have deep feelings for the roles these figures played in the lives of our characters, so we understand the desire to see them in game.

The good news is that there are indeed more gods to be revealed as our story progresses, including familiar favorites. Some will appear in upcoming fiction stories, while others will be revealed in the course of playing EQNext. So if you haven’t seen a particular deity listed yet, keep the faith!

Where Are the Evil Gods?

Another frequent question was why, for the most part, the gods we’ve talked about have been good or neutral in nature. Nasty deities like Cazic-Thule, Rallos Zek, and Innoruuk are tentpoles of EQ lore, and every great hero needs a gang of bad guys to face.

Rest assured, our re-imagined Norrath has plenty of villains lurking in the shadows, including gods traditionally seen as evil. The Seraphs represent an official, sanctioned religion that is practiced in the open and seen as a part of everyday life. But there are many cults and cabals dedicated to malevolent deities which are forced to practice their forbidden rituals in secrecy. The thing about long-buried secrets is that they are inevitably exposed, so it’s likely that the disciples of these dark gods will reveal themselves and seek to recruit or conscript followers to their cause.


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