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FIFA15 Bronze Medal Players Skills Training Strategy

In the FIFA series game, the bronze player is the most basic types. Both novice players and players with some achievements need focus on bronze player skill training, so as to move slowly win the game, get more fifa 15 coins, and exchange for a better football player.


FIFA15 Bronze Medal Players Skills Training Strategy

Pass: on the ground in the field below to set up A passing zone, lady who (each round of football are automatically generated at the foot of players) need to send the ball players (press A key) to formulate the small frame (5 in total).Difficulty with FIFA13 even simpler, 14. Proposal: left and right sides choose 45 °, upper left, upper right choose 80 ° (strong), is at the top choose 90 °.

Advanced pass: there are A few side board on the pitch, need to press A key to the ball to each piece of wood, on the right side of the rebound the ball and then sent to the next piece of wood, finally entering the area and the door to success. Suggestion: to board Angle is 45 ° can up and down, once passing angles is not very accurate, can press LT slow pace or appropriately, key to accelerate the pace of RT final goal difficulty is not great, can gain a foothold and shot again.

Goal: put in front of the door frames have a board, board and each open a hole in the upper left and lower right, need to kick the ball into the two holes. Suggestion: the upper left corner will need ↖ push rocker on the left, right and lower right only need the right push rocker, to go a little bit down, two directions just need you to gently push press B button.

Advanced shot: first the big box on the right side of a shooting area, using the LB + B key to pick the ball shooting frame at the top left of the target; And then the big box on the left side of a scoring area, lady who also use to pick the ball across the frame in the top right corner of the box shooting target; Followed by a small area on the right side of a scoring area, need to use to pick the ball across the middle of the box, hit the bottle of the ground; The last is to pick on the outside of the ball across the central wallboard crossbar underground target.


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