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About The Maplestory 2 New Mini-Games

Good evening. Lovely Laura is mangeung GM horticultural ~
Yesterday I 'charm goes a much longer' I saw a post.
Did you want to pamper your little charm and long-lasting spirit ... (salang am Did l? ~)

To show the interesting content to you
I'm told is to prepare carefully the "wait"
To give a little bit relieve the boredom of waiting
The deuriryeogo week introduced the CBT content!
Content Preview CBT name!
The first, a Maplestory 2  mini game. ^^
1. seolnun a dream
Barney walked into a maze game seolnun visit to this unrequited love,
When you arrive at your destination by turning the Happy Bunny is a game where you spin with obtaining compensation.
Unlike conventional labyrinth maze game to advance to the next stage of the room that I did not see the form
I downed the first time - is to mess around.

About The Maplestory 2 New Mini-Games

2. Crazy Runner's
(Held in Queenstown at regular intervals mini-games)
In 2014 G-STAR was introduced as a mini game 'Race To the Moon'
The point of the game is to get to the goal within the time limit to avoid the obstacles.
Can wake up with the other players in useless competition
Make it hard to concentrate on the race downed ... (rage!)
Customers who attend the G-STAR experience you could've have already played.
Than G-STAR increasing degree of difficulty by adding a variety of obstacles and you'll feel a greater fun
Who introduced the game when you had two G-STAR.
Seacloud's a Beach and Race to the Moon.

Why you have not so sure you can guess the name?
(For reference, Seacloud Beach'll even be an opportunity to meet when CBT ~)
I'm gonna have a story behind it
G-STAR that's held in Busan? I'm going to apply a local name that Busan -
(Please answer in line once - can be found if you drag.)

Seacloud Beach - Haeundae
Race To the Moon - Primrose Hill
I noticed I never noticed that ...
Have you ever noticed Need chaesin those of you ?!

In addition to the two mini-games gave introduce today
Three mini-games, so you can meet many expectations, please deuryeoyong CBT -


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