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  • steddye (19/02/2015):
    I'm in division 2 and I got there using the same system pass, pass and pass again. When I lose the ball I change quickly to "park the bus" and when I have the ball back I pass it between my defenders until the cpu allow me to change te tactic to ultra attacking, j can win yes but is boring.
  • Arthur (22/03/2015):
    patch ruined the game, its no more pleasure, it s arcade crap for kids now, and i guess it s about "no thinking" just "running forward ". each match is teh same boring and not effective crap
  • anibal (29/03/2015):
    I totally agree with you, I'm sick of assisted mode :/
  • andy (31/03/2015):
    I have a similar issue. At first the game feels great, the players move quickly and react in the way their stats would suggest. After about 15mins (fifa mins) of each game something happens and my players become so slow on the first touch when receiving a pass, acceleration is terrible and even wingers such as Depay become as agile as a big CB. Fifa needs to get it sorted. It's 2015!!
  • dinesh (15/04/2015):
    many of us are carrying our ways towards pes but still i love EA pls dont spoil ur reputation we never asked for lot of changes just few minute changes according to connecting server and issue about coins so pls make as fast as possible u can make better in 16 fut
  • murun (17/04/2015):
    players with higher dribbling stats should dribble closer with ball on top speed. in real life Messi touches ball almost every step on top speed while dribbling.
  • kym (28/04/2015):
    fix the damn game, it's stuck on connecting to server for days now, i'm really getting frustrated with this
  • Conget (25/05/2015):
    Most retarded thing in Fifa 15 1) Retarded keepers doing nothing, not even within handreach as they being lobbed very soft. They just stand there and watch the ball go through. Also, if the defender being chased, and you tried to do a hard pass to keeper, he always miss the ball and ended up in own goal. 2) Defenders being clumsy. Very often, 3 defenders just bounce on each other without hitting the ball.... resulting the oponnent makes a goal 3) If I try to pass the ball to another player, that player just stand still without moving a leg. This resulted 90% of the time posession lost. No way I can ask the player to run to the ball 4) Body block by referee happens to me very often, at least 3 times per match. And also, if the oponnent just fell to the floor, I cant even pass through him due to the failed body block. WTF
  • Roy Foster (02/06/2015):
    Hi Strafe. Love your post,as I have tried to play this style, but have not had good results. Your guide is great up to the part of not giving me your tactics to help me to play this difficult style, and survive in online fut, and h2h play. Could you please help me out with the tactics you use, and help a frustrated, struggling gamer. Best Regards Roy
  • kieran (07/06/2015):
    If i have a player on loan in my club in career mode and he plays well so i want to sign him on a permenet deal how do i do this whilst he is still in my team because all it says is about the loan termination fee
  • Jack (04/07/2015):
  • jack (14/08/2015):
    I this answer 5 is you fast choose
  • OK here (14/08/2015):
    First of all, as a dps myself. I havent delt with most of those things, except waiting for a tank to rejoin a group cause one left at the very begininng, without even fighting. So i've tanked groups as a dps. Also you really seem to hate dps. Either you just cant play it or what idk. Im actually a machanist on here, very fun job and alot different then any other dps. But where im getting at is be more open towards a dps class, yes the que times suck but it also gives to you time to do plenty of other things while you wait, dont waste it by standing around. Im sorry you have all those bad things happen when your dps, but just take the time to learn it and they wont happen(ques will though, suck it up or get a friend) just trust me ive got a masters degree in dps
  • Lii (02/09/2015):
    Spammers in mail are huge issue , my mailbox is full and if you delete mail, you have a new in same sec . Do a level cap like character need to be lvl 10 at least for postmail and same for chatting , sending whispers and so .
  • Rohan (02/10/2015):
    I am not able to connect FIFA 15 ggame. it says connecting to server and doesent go ahead
  • unknown (17/10/2015):
    Cabal 2 sucks big time, and it will never be better than cabal online. Cabal 2 is a low budget Aion.
  • TooMiIx_91 (17/10/2015):
    Nolito Boost Aymeric Laporte Boost Griezmann
  • FuckYouGoldSeller (04/11/2015):
    And you say all this on a gold selling site? Just trying to keep people playing to buy your currency huh..... Great job ruining games btw.
  • FuckYouGoldSeller (04/11/2015):
    Yea like you would ever put a comment up... I don't think anyones comments get through.
  • Aelis (08/11/2015):
    While Rping I have had this happen.. so often whereas it never has happened to my friends yet. The most recent one is: cringed up a bit and gave him a very light smack on the arm. "H-hey! T-that's.. uh.. ngh.. f-fine." She shifted kind of oddly and sighed a bit before looking back at him. "A-anyway.. I mean if you want to do something else I can?" It was an emote, and yeah got totes blocked. RMT is tsundere as hell apparently.
  • pippn (23/11/2015):
    i have tried & tried to tank, since launch and again after the heavensward update but since im on ps3 its almost impossible, emninty targeting L1+up or down never works correctly which is sad it randomly picks party members at times other times it just reverts back to your hard target. i love tanking & this could be so easily fixed how you ask? easily in the target options let us change the normal up & down (just up & down) controls from party to emninty list its that simple playing healer is a breeze on ps3 just press down x times and done but not tanking ooh no heres a terrible emninty locking system that works 40% of the time if your lucky. its really a suprise they never thought of this since the control options can be really well customized except this simple change. i can tank on pc version perfect so its not my fault it is the emninty targeting (and i main a tank on pc) but console its just impossible.
  • Ghost4Anime (12/01/2016):
    Hey i came to this looking for a cabal 1 vs cabal 2 but all i got was one comment on 2 and a bashing on 1. What i miss type on the title thanks you helped me more then a clown with a straight face
  • Ghost4Anime (12/01/2016):
    Thank you for your post you helped me more then the kids with the cabal1 vs 2 and i do very much agree with you on this game they need to put it back in CBT it feels horrible
  • blu (12/02/2016):
    completely agree, ive already accepted that its impossible to take the game serious with 200 ping just gonna play for fun and quit sooner or later, shame tho really liked the game.Gonna pray for a oceanic server
  • BERK (12/02/2016):
    Guys do not buy anything from here. Just few days ago . I sell in game gold from blade and soul. And they told me that when I give gold they will send me my money instantly but lots of days past and still they are not giving me any answer. All comments in their website is lie. Do not trust them. They are cheater.
  • koko (29/02/2016):
    good news!
  • Davy Jones (01/03/2016):
    The guide is actually super helpful, but you are very much wrong here at least in NA. "The game does a fairly good job at balancing the classes, so remember that what is incredibly “OP” right now will probably not be “OP” later." One class outshines them all and that is summoners. OP is probably an understatement and are one of the most hated classes in pvp given the 2 v 1 concept. In OWPVP they can stealth out leaving their pet to do the dirty work. BM is great in world bosses, but hurt a lot in OWPVP.
  • Anish (05/03/2016):
    I have windows 10 It doesn't connect the server even if it has been conecting for several hours
  • Ernc (17/03/2016):
    Yep..........not a single reply......no one wants to give up their tips and tricks..... I'm in the same position as the OP, and in this day of information exchange and communication, I cannot find a forum where people discuss how they are able to stick to my attacker like glue whilst I faff around at the back.......no one wants to give up their tips and tricks! LOL
  • Ane (21/03/2016):
    "it's kinda unfair and unbalanced" You consider 50% of the top is summoners its fair and balanced?
  • omerfathi12345 (23/03/2016):
    thank you fifa 15 for the draft
  • anant (30/03/2016):
    connecting to server and then connecting to server.have u made this game only to make money or we can play it also. feeling very frustrated please resolve it now EA. not expected from EA like this
  • Saad Khan (05/04/2016):
    Hello dear, You guys are doing an excellent job but I am facing Facebook login problem and server connection problem. Please let me know how to fix this issue otherwise I will lost all my earned coins and my team as well and I a not ready for it. Thank you
  • Amin (06/04/2016):
    this is a really good post I hope everyone against the automapper can come here and read this because it's really well written, kudos to you rsgoldhub for writing such a good post.
  • Ns (07/04/2016):
    Knee Grow
  • ChobitsTheZero (08/04/2016):
    Finally someone who understands my pain. Everything mentioned in this thread is 100% accurate. Being a Diamond summoner myself, it's still a real struggle when you go up against an opponent that knows what he's doing. I'm not saying that Summoner should dominate every class, but they should atleast have a fair chance at beating them rather than being based on luck that the opponent makes a mistake.
  • Vasanta Lockheart (25/04/2016):
    Very complicated rotation I tried it and blew up the Eikon Fibre going to stick to my MM + ING Rapid rotation + it makes 3 stars in a lot less steps I guess having 900 base craft helps with 472 CP as I use lot of basic touches as well if I get 3 stacks IQ on build :-)
  • Farat (16/07/2016):
    Like ps4 id: GabrielFarat Full manual player
  • Drailgonis (21/07/2016):
    Use a pet, let the pet get close to him and you move away when he runs to ring his bell, he will stun your pet and not you.
  • CHAZA (19/06/2016):
    where can I get a free trial for overwatch
  • Angel.M (29/06/2016):
    1st player houses tend to look better then Fc houses due to the fact FC tend to be less funded myself i broke the 100 million mark way back 1.0 2nd if you want to fix something make it so people cant have stupid xmas trees out in june >.<
  • Wrheckz (03/05/2016):
    yes you're so wrong. game is a huge hit. everything you complained about in your post are the things that made it good.
  • Sneaky.amxx (07/05/2016):
    I played BNS for several years on the chinese and korean servers before it was launched in N/A .. and i can tell you, the N/A version is completely dumbed down.. it's not even worth playing anymore.
  • Zinedity (13/06/2016):
    PoopyOnYou Hacking at sausans on ser u2 Party member should be sending video. He was ignoring cooldowns to kill our entire party in seconds repeatedly. Not a bot changing his classes' cooldowns to exploit other players.
  • bioshock933 (12/05/2016):
    i want code pls
  • Ice (12/05/2016):
    Nice fantasy dude.
  • Draknir (13/05/2016):
    Lol this sound so extremely fake that it makes me wonder what you smoked before writing this article..
  • Pictop (16/05/2016):
    I Like it
  • Richard Vasseur (23/05/2016):
    Beautiful cosplay by a beautiful model.
  • Suteki Da'ne (23/05/2016):
    The PVP in housing is bullshit. I paid good money to get my housing and I will be very pissed if it gets stolen through PVP. I don't even like PVP...
  • Zaverxi (27/05/2016):
    Wow I hope you can elect to only have your house attacked if you participate in PvP. >_< I haven't bought one yet because they're so expensive, but I don't want to buy a house finally only to have someone break in and steal it when you're doing other stuff!
  • sangeetha john (30/05/2016):
    connecting to server problem.... trie reinstalling the game, using VPN jus that nothin worked...:(
  • Joshua (03/06/2016):
    I'm sorry...but how....brain dead do you think readers are? SE would NEVER allow another player to play for pink slips to their houses. One...that breaks the fact that a player can ONLY have one personal house and a free company can only have one house to it. Secondly, as if SE would ever partner with amazon to play such music through the orchestrion
  • thepvpeir (04/06/2016):
    i think rev is best because he is as strong as lunar lancer, doesn't lose health as quick. has stronger special moves but he is really slow most of the time you would be on your mount
  • D (28/07/2016):
    While I do believe the game could benefit from an evasion tank, I don't feel that Red Mage is the job for the job, so to speak. They're too heavily rooted in the history of the series, as dabblers in a variety of combat arts who can be utilized to fill holes in a team where they are lacking. To that end I agree that they should be a tank, but a magically-inclined one; and, further, one whose lore is grown out of the traditions of both White and Black magic. As a group of researchers attempting to utilize both internal (Black) and external (White) aether, they tow the line between the two and forge themselves into aetheric conduits, in so doing gaining a strength neither school of thought possessed previously. With that in mind, it seems logical that the Red Mage would utilize spells reminiscent of but not exactly like Thaumaturge/Conjurer spells. The basic Fire/Ice/Lightning trinity seemed natural, altered to aid in tanking through enmity generation or secondary effects. Then there could be knockoff Cure spells and (of course) their own version of Protect as a defense buff, making them a sort of self-sustaining tank or pseudo-healer. Interspersed with these would be basic physically-oriented abilities, utilizing the RDM's signature rapier to inflict debilitating effects and round out their enmity control. Next, as they do, the RDM is all but required to have some form of stance dancing; in their case, it seemed that they would need not two stances, but three. "Red" stance would be their version of the classic mitigation and enmity stance, reducing the damage they give and receive by 20% and granting a burst of enmity when they first enter it. "Black" stance would increase damage output at the cost of losing that extra defense, for when they need to chip in extra DPS. But finally, they would have "White" stance, which would grant their healing effects new properties at the cost of granting no defensive benefit and a small attack power penalty. This way they could reasonably slip into any role in the party on short notice, in the proper hands being able to shore up the party's weakest areas when necessary. The final piece in the puzzle, at least in my mind, was providing them with a lasting self-buff to keep track of, not unlike the Warrior's Wrath and Abandon. The idea that came to me was Aethercharge; not entirely unlike Aetherflow, but gradually building rather than granting the effect immediately. Aethercharge would grant a single stack (and have a 30s cooldown) which would provide a small boost to damage output; let's call it 5%. The player would then be able to decide how to use them: do you hold onto them for the boost, or do you spend them on the RDM's higher-leveled skills which function more effectively upon their use? It becomes a game of determining the right moment to make use of each of the job's many tools, which seems to be very much in line with how it has functioned in past games (barring FFXI, where it was more of a buffer-debuffer). It's food for thought, at any rate. Perhaps if or when Yoshida-san figures out a way to integrate the job into the game in a way he finds satisfying, we'll see a line of thought similar to our concepts in the final result.
  • Yo Bro (17/10/2016):
    Hey Man, I read your review and I feel like you need to give it more time. You bring up Souls series as previous gaming experience. I understand the comparison to dark gritty environments but these are two totally different games. It sounds like you're unfamiliar with Isometric ARPGs. Their is a grinding element. You have to build gear and a player build that aids you in grinding easier. The endgame is built around constant grinding ala Diablo 2. The creators even said their goal was to create an experience similar to their favorite Isometric games of the past while building upon character and build optimization. Malachai is not that hard. In fact he's even easier than he was at release. Try getting hit for 3k Health in Normal difficulty with his Upward Explosion attack or Ground Slam Ability. Release of these new acts was always ten times worse. The biggest point is that difficulty is relative to build. Some builds rage in certain areas while struggling in others. Endgame is a numbers game, you have to have the stats to survive. You mention the social aspect and a lot of the reason for lack of this is because of the drop system. It's easier to find loot solo. Many builds become FPS hogs. When you are in teams of 6 the on screen visuals can be daunting to your CPU. I play max settings and when in teams of six some builds can lag me out. This game isn't meant to cater to casual gamer's that play here and there. Standard mode is for chumps. Play hardcore and you'll realize that being calculated is what his game is about.
  • lostbytes (17/08/2016):
    choices not choises ..... How did that get past the proofreader and editor?????
  • logan (08/08/2016):
    It's just the beta, in the full release it will change...
  • Aaron (10/08/2016):
    The Adamantoise Tears Leve at Camp Tranquil in the South Shroud is the best exp per hour from 25 to 35.
  • Rise (17/10/2016):
    Always think, Red mage is melee DPS - caster
  • Alfred (03/10/2016):
    lmao i never read so many bullshits in my life just because a game. Hey moron you aren't doing anything special, anyone may have same progress as you and still be "friendly" when decide join pf groups or pugs. Funny how a fucking dumbass like you don't have your own fc to run your own end game content without need play with randoms. You made my day asshole
  • Vrenna (04/10/2016):
    I main Dragoon, since I had to play marauder to get Dragoon I then also got Warrior. Both amazing Jobs. Had a blast playing Warrior, amazingly designed class, works well, feels good, perfect. One day I decided to play Gladiator, wanted to try the other tank, also wanted to get Provoke since Warrior seems to benefit from it. After the first dungeon with Gladiator at lvl 16 I suddenly started to hate the game for the first time after 500 hours playing it. Terrible class, nightmare level. I've reached lvl 21 by doing dungeons, it was the worst experience I had in the game so far. Completelly lacking in cohesion, the class just doesn't work. I heard things get better at lvl 40 with the Shield Oath. Pointless, I could just play something actually entertaining. My personal suggestion is that they should've put Flash as an Off-Cooldown skill, this way Paladins never lose a cooldown trying to get some attention, and can constantly cause damage. Also, decrease the mana cost of Flash by half, then we can have a smooth tanking.
  • oto (11/10/2016):
    hi i updated game and after that its stoped working and the error is MSVCP140.dll it means C++ 2015 its instaled but problem not solve can u help me? thanks albion online
  • Sarah (25/11/2016):
    Rediscover some basic human decency and ask him to move. If someone is polite about it, I move, no problem. If they just jump on me, then I'm going to come back and troll them because apparently that's how they want to play it.
  • Pogchamp (27/11/2016):
    I agree, especially since this is a relatively new mmo. Why can't they just take the great combat system of Vindictus and combine it with the traditional mmo elements of Riders of Icarus and its mount system? I mean, even early game PvE is super brutal. Trying to do lvl 18 quest dungeon as assassin, can't even do anything since killing three monsters individually=most of my health. O_o
  • Perished (07/03/2017):
    When you are in a PVP zone, all players can kill you. The flag system is to prevent accidentally attacking a friend and loosing your reputation but for a pirate, we don\'t care about the rep. The game is designed to have a player driven economy with the best resources being in guild controlled PVP lands. The idea is to create a purpose for guilds to fight over specific land. If resources were available everywhere without any way to control their flow, they would have less value and would completely ruin the PVP guild territory mechanic they are trying to create. Albion was designed as a hardcore mmo but they are not yet established as such (partly due to it not being released yet) so it might be hard to see the benefits of this type of pvp focused game. So long as the dev team sticks to the plan and implements an EVE style mechanic, this game will thrive.
  • nezkeys (09/03/2017):
    guess theyve never heard of a ribbon
  • Pomc (05/04/2017):
    I agree with the suggestions, the farming and breeding must have a revision.
  • Matt (22/04/2017):
    I hate to burst the things your saying, but you\'ve got AST pegged wrong.. I\'m a I270 Astro and I main it. AST is more powerful than a WHM in Nocturnal Sect, without having to use cooldowns AST Heal potency in Noct are 715 vs 650 for WHM.. Also your Time Dilation is all wrong. The skill only increases the time of the buffs you cast on a party member... It does NOT increase their own buffs one bit. Noct shields are more powerful than Sch shields unless a SCH crits an Adlo. Tetragramaton is not as good as Essential Dignity and is on a longer cooldown. Essential Dignity scales depending on the person your healings HP pool.. If they are at 1 percent when you pop it, it scales up to 1000 potency. It\'s not a Benediction but its damn close and on a very short cooldown.
  • joke (25/03/2017):
    nice, good job.
  • jim (08/09/2017):
    give me a trial
  • Obeliske (12/08/2017):
    Is this build still viable? It interests me immensely but I can\'t seem to find a head for instance that grants a heal effect :(
  • Christian (02/06/2017):
    This is why I love strictly PVP worlds. I don\'t need an in-game government to determine how many times I can kill someone else. That\'s like creating a safe space for people inside of a game where no one should feel safe from their character being killed. That\'s some serious snowflake bs IMO. and for the record Sarah, I\'m not asking anyone to do anything of the sort as you suggested. That is literally stepping out of character within the game. That\'s a ridiculous suggestion.
  • Belwilliam (20/06/2017):
    I\'m not a big fan of PvP myself, but it seems like you can greatly mitigate the risk by doing your gathering in cheap(er) gear. Have at least 1 (or 2) sets of the same cheap gear in storage. I suspect farming with mediocre gear is going to mean that one or two successful trips will more than cover your gear costs. The next time I tier-up my gear, I\'ll just go ran around a PvP zone in my old gear (instead of salvaging it) to experiment. Who wouldn\'t be afraid of a naked man running around with a pickaxe?
  • MaddenCuck (01/07/2017):
    Aww, man! Dis gon be dope af jus like erry otha garbage a$$ Madden! Always tryna fix dat wr/db shii, mang! I only play da best at garbagemadden game 2018 doh! Blatblatblat!
  • Brandon Little (04/07/2017):
    Trying to get my brother into the game but can\'t because he went to website just to peek just prior to clicking my original link. It\'s been so frustrating that both of us have a bad taste in our mouth and quite honestly has turned me off to the game even though I was excited enough buy a Founders pack and to try and get my brother to play. You should change this referral program to be more like every other program and less cancer. The rationale you give for \"only first time\" site visits is very flawed.
  • Moonelight (05/07/2017):
    What is the hat you are using? I am trying to find that one for my red mage. All the good ones are on my bard. :(
  • fukdup (22/07/2017):
    How the hell is curry is the 2nd best player at 94. Wtf... No more than 92...
  • jesse (05/08/2017):
    WTF why is KAT only 88 he hould be much higher like a 90 or 91
  • Armon Johnson (08/08/2017):
    Will NBA 2k18 be compatible with my zte pro max device I have NBA 2k17 game compatible with my device already. Just wanting to know?
  • mirel (17/08/2017):
    Good and quick service
  • Paul Maroon (19/09/2017):
    Dear R4PG My first transaction I made a mistake, I had not registered an account. The First R4PG invoice number is R4PG1709198776 AUD$6.11 & the second one is R4PG1709195633 AUD$6.14 The first lot of credits came through very quickly which more than I expected. R4PG Rocks!! If you can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Paul Maroon
  • patrick dahl (13/10/2017):
    cant find my career pg i made