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Join for a Skyforge Stress Test on July 7th

mmortals, Open Beta is just days away and the Allods Team and My.com offices are full of activity as we tie up the remaining lose ends to ensure Skyforge is prepped and ready for Early Access on July 9th as well as OBT on July 16th! To confirm our NA and EU servers are ready for the thousands of Immortals joining us when OBT goes live, SkyForge’re encouraging all players to log into Skyforge on July 7th at 6AM PDT (3:00pm CET) for a 24 hour Pre-Open Beta Stress Test!

Join for a Skyforge Stress Test on July 7th

Pushing our server’s capabilities to the max is a crucial step to help guarantee Skyforge has a successful OBT launch, so we encourage everyone to spread the word and invite all of their friends to come participate! For those who do not have the Skyforge client, you can begin downloading it now. In case you missed our Open Beta Announcement, make sure you catch up on the exciting news and find out how you can earn a commemorative Open Beta Mechanic Costume!

One of the many perks of the Founder’s Packs is the option to reserve your character’s Closed Beta name before Open Beta begins. Character names that existed during CBT3 will be registered first, followed by any names created during CBT4. Founder’s Pack owners that played during CBT3 will, by default, have that name reserved. If you aren’t sure what name you’ve reserved, you can check your currently reserved name on the respective server’s Portal [NA/EU]. Those wishing to change their reserved name have a final chance to do so during the Stress Test by changing your name during character creation!


Comment:Join for a Skyforge Stress Test on July 7th