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Star Citizen Persistent Universe Features

- There are massive large scale PvE events planned by the Devs
- If you really hits rock bottom, you can always take a bank loan to get yourself a ship to start over, or you can work your way up as a crewmen for other players or NPCs
- When hiring NPCs you can see their ratings, the more skilled the NPCs the more expensive it'll cost to hire them.
- Players can rate each other after being hired for a job, the employee can rate the employer and viceversa. This is the real player equivalent of the Star Citizen NPC reputation system.


Star Citizen Persistent Universe Features

- SC-PU will launch with a total of 100 core systems, plus all the ones we've unlocked since then, that's approximately 125 systems & counting (plus one hidden system only known to Subscribers at Launch, non subscribers will be able to Learn the coordinates later in game)
- If your internet connection gets disconnected accidentally (or by choice) your character and the ship will switch to NPC / AI mode automatically, it'll plot a course to the nearest safe zone and run for it, it'll try to defend itself while escaping, you might or might not arrive in 1 piece, depending on your ship structural integrity. (you can find reference from the "death of a spaceman" comm-link)
- There are more NPCs in the universe than there are real players.
- Real players can drop-in "mind control" (think Matrix Agent Smith) and assume the role of the NPCs on your friend's ship (but you can not drop-in uninvited); according to Dev description, you'll have to log out of your current game, to then log back in and choose to play as the position of the NPC from your friend's ship. This applies to both hired NPCs and Customized NPCs.
- You'll be able to pick your desired starting location in SC-PU, from a small list of star systems to choose from.
- Game time is 1:1 ratio 2014 = 2944 (2013 = 2943)
- There will be some real life holidays in game, and some new made up in lore holidays.
- Guild Hangar and Storage.
- Private Guild XMPP chat, web, and forum.
- You can vote for your NPC politicians, UEE citizenship required to vote.
- No server wipe after Beta, all Beta progress will be kept for game launch {10-4 chairman Ep7}
- Zero-G FPS firefight in EVA suits
- Vanduul Trading Posts
- Cockpit decorations
- NPC will gain experience over time, as they successfully complete missions with you.
- Jump Points location and size, will depend on the space anomaly location and type. Some Jump Points will be too small for large Star Citizen ships.


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