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Introduction of Goddess in Tree of Savior

The concept of Goddesses in Tree of Savior Overview game is abstracted from the Lithuanian Mythology. So far there are five Goddesses that are included in the game.

Goddess of Destiny, Laima

Introduction of Goddess in Tree of Savior

Laima is the main Goddess in the Tree of Savior story. When the tree appeared on the Earth, all of the Goddesses has disappeared. When the people are suffering from the oppression of the monsters, Laima, with her powers controlled destiny and selected her warriors in their dreams to fight for her.

Laima is often considered as the sister of the Goddess of Death, Giltine.

Goddess of Death, Giltine

Giltine, is the antagonist in the Tree of Savior story. Covered in crow's wings, her appearance brings death and destruction to the people of the Earth.

She is the sister of the Goddess of Destiny, Laima.

Goddess of Evening Star, Vakarinė

Vakarinė is the goddess that represents the stars at night. She's the stars that guides the warriors in their battle against evil.

Vakarinė serve as a transportation link between cities and dungeons.

Goddess of Fire, Gabija

Gabija is the life and the protector of the people of the earth. All the fire wielding Classes are blessed with Gabija's grace.

Not much is known of the role of Gabija in Tree of Savior.

Goddess of Sun, Saulė

The word “Saulė” is also a conventional word for the “Sun”. According to the Lithuanian mythology, the Goddess of Sun, Life, Fertility, Warm and Health is one of the most powerful deities. Saule is also called a “Solar Goddess”.

Goddess Saule first made appearance in the G-Star 2014 Tree of Savior Trailer as statues in a boss instance. The statues of Goddess of Sun, Saule were placed at the sides of the pathway. A charging type boss crushed one of the statues before meeting up with the players.


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